Book Your Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar Nashik

by Pandit Satish Guruji

Book Your Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar Nashik

Book Your Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar Nashik

Narayan Nagbali Puja in Trimbakeshwar

Hindu mythology holds great significance for the Narayan Nagbali Puja performed at Trimbakeshwar near Nashik, Maharashtra. This sacred Narayan Nagbali puja Trimbakeshwar ritual is deeply rooted in spiritual and cultural traditions, serving as a means to seek solace for departed family members who may have met untimely and unnatural ends.

There are two main types of Narayan Nagbali puja Trimbakeshwar ceremonies: Narayan Bali Puja and Nagbali Puja, both integral to the spiritual cleansing and redemption process.

Narayan Bali Puja at Trimbakeshwar:

This aspect of the ritual is dedicated to the release of the souls of unsatisfied or restless spirits. Narayan Bali Puja at Trimbakeshwar offers spiritual liberation and closure to departed souls. Dedicated to Lord Narayana, it is a powerful expression of devotion.

Nagbali Puja at Trimbakeshwar:

Nagbali Puja at Trimbakeshwar atones for the sin of killing a cobra or snake, which Hinduism views seriously. A puja like this is performed to seek forgiveness for committing this particular sin and to purify one’s soul as a result.

In Nashik, Maharashtra, Trimbakeshwar Temple is located near the Godavari Sangam, which makes Trimbakeshwar an ideal place for performing the Narayan Nagbali puja Trimbakeshwar.

If you want to book your Narayan Nagbali puja Trimbakeshwar. You can reach out to the Trimbakeshwar Pandit.

According to the Garuda Puran, an ancient Hindu scripture, Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar is of paramount importance in Indian mythology. It is believed that performing this puja at Trimbakeshwar has profound and positive effects on the present and future generations of the family involved. It is considered a way to seek spiritual redemption as well as to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the family and its descendants during this sacred Narayan Nagbali puja Trimbakeshwar.

It combines both devotion and spiritual purification with the pursuit of harmony for both the dead and the living through the Narayan Nagbali Pooja at Trimbakeshwar.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar

The Narayan Nagbali Puja conducted in Trimbakeshwar is a three-day-long religious Puja, and each day has its specific rituals and significance. In this revered puja of Hindu origin, blessings are sought for both the current and previous generations of a family, as well as spiritual purification and redemption.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Vidhi

The Vidhi of Narayan Nagbali Puja is as follow:

Day 1: Puja of Lord Vishnu (Narayana)

On the first day of the Narayan Nagbali Puja in Trimbakeshwar, devotees focus on worshipping Lord Vishnu, also known as Narayana. One of the main gods in Hinduism, Lord Vishnu stands for cosmological balance and preservation. The puja performed on this day is an act of devotion and reverence for Lord Vishnu.

Day 2: Puja of Sarp/Snakes (Nagbali Puja)

The Nagbali Puja, or worship of snakes, takes place on the second day of the Narayan Nagbali Puja. Devotees ask for forgiveness at this stage of the ritual, especially for any transgressions or sins involving the hurting of snakes or other living things. This puja is thought to be performed on behalf of earlier generations to purify their souls and ensure their spiritual well-being.

Day 3: Punyavachan Vidhi

The third and final day of the Narayan Nagbali Puja Trimbakeshwar involves the Punyavachan Vidhi. This day is marked by a series of sacred rituals aimed at purifying the environment and seeking blessings for the family. The following rituals are typically performed:

  • Ganesh Puja: Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, is invoked at the beginning of the day to remove obstacles and ensure a smooth and auspicious ceremony.
  • Kalash PujaA Kalash, a sacred pot filled with water, is consecrated and worshipped. It symbolizes the divine presence and is a focal point of the puja.

The Punyavachan Vidhi is a culmination of the Narayan Nagbali Puja, bringing together various elements of devotion, purification, and ancestral blessings. It marks the end of the three-day religious ritual with the wish that it will bring happiness and tranquillity to the family and their ancestors.

Overall, the Narayan Nagbali Puja in Trimbakeshwar is a comprehensive spiritual journey that involves worshipping deities, seeking forgiveness, and ensuring the well-being of both the living and the departed. It is a reflection of Hinduism’s deeply ingrained traditions and values, which place a strong emphasis on spirituality, peace, and respect for all living things.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Muhurat 2024

The Narayan Nagbali puja is typically performed during specific auspicious muhurats or timings, which are considered highly favourable for this ritual. The exact muhurat for Narayan Nagbali puja varies based on geographical and astrological circumstances, however, it is normally conducted on specified lunar months and dates.

Here are the best and special Narayan Nagbali Puja Muhurat 2024

January: 2, 6, 9, 14, 20, 28
February: 1, 4, 10, 14, 17, 24, 28
March: 4, 10, 13, 18, 24, 27
April: 1, 7, 14, 21, 28
May: 1, 5, 8, 12, 17, 21, 28
June: 3, 6, 14, 17, 21, 27
July: 1, 5, 11, 14, 18, 21, 28
August: 2, 18, 25, 29
September: 4, 8, 11, 16, 23, 26
October: (Pitrupaksh – 1, 4, 8, 11), 16, 20, 28
November: 4, 7, 17, 25, 28
December: 2, 5, 8, 12, 16, 22, 25, 29

If you want to book your Narayan Nagbali puja in Trimbakeshwar. You can reach out to the Trimbakeshwar Pandit.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Cost

Narayan Nagbali Puja Cost varies based on the number of Yajman’s. Additionally, there is a confirmed Dakshina (Narayan Nagbali Pooja Cost) for the pandit ji, which covers a three-day Narayan Nagbali pooja for two individuals. You can inquire about the specific Dakshina amount (cost) for the Narayan Nagbali puja by discussing it with the Pandit Ji.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja Samagri

The complete set of Narayan Nagbali Puja Samgri required for the ritual will be provided by the pandit ji during the puja.
If you wish to acquire your own Samgri, you can reach out to him, and he will supply whatever is needed. In most cases, the pandit ji may recommend obtaining a Nag Pratima.
However, if you are interested in obtaining the Narayan Nagbali Puja Samgri yourself or have specific preferences, you can establish contact with the Pandit Ji conducting the Pooja. In many circumstances, the pandit ji will advise individuals to obtain “nag pratima,” which is required for the Narayan Nagbali rite. Nag pratima typically refers to an idol or representation of a serpent deity, and it holds a central role in this ritual, signifying the veneration of the snake god.

Why to do Narayan Nagbali Puja?

In Hindu tradition, the Narayan Nagbali Puja is conducted for several important reasons. Individuals or families undertake this ritual for the following purposes:

  • Apologies for Sins: One of the primary reasons for performing Narayan Nagbali Puja is to Seek forgiveness and atonement for specific misdeeds, particularly those involving the hurting of snakes or other living things. Hindus believe in the law of karma, and performing this puja is said to be a way to rid oneself of any bad karmas connected to such activities. People aspire to release the spiritual weight of past wrongdoings by asking for forgiveness.
  • Restless or Unsatisfied Spirits: The puja comprises rites dedicated to the souls of dead family members who may have died suddenly or unexpectedly. Some of these spirits are said to be restless or unsatisfied as a result of unresolved conflicts or unfulfilled aspirations. Performing Narayan Nagbali Puja can assist these spirits in finding peace and emancipation, allowing them to progress to the afterlife.
  • Blessings from Ancestors: The puja is also performed on behalf of previous generations to seek blessings and ensure the ancestors’ spiritual well-being. It’s a means of honouring and respecting one’s forebears and moms. Individuals who do this puja expect to get the blessings and protection of their ancestors.
  • Spiritual Purification: The Narayan Nagbali Puja is thought to have a cleansing impact on those who attend. It is seen as a means of purifying the soul and achieving spiritual purity. Individuals seek to improve their spiritual well-being by cleansing bad energy and misdeeds.
  • Prosperity and family harmony: The puja is conducted to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the family. It is thought that by doing this puja and requesting forgiveness and blessings, family members can live a more peaceful and wealthy existence.
  • Lord Vishnu worship: The Narayan Nagbali Puja comprises the worship of Lord Vishnu (Narayana), one of Hinduism’s most important deities. This devotional deed increases one’s spiritual connection with the divine and reinforces confidence in Lord Vishnu’s involvement in the universe’s preservation.

The Narayan Nagbali Puja is performed primarily to address specific spiritual and karmic issues, to seek forgiveness and blessings, and to assure the well-being of both the living and the departed. It expresses Hinduism’s deep-seated beliefs and values, emphasising the significance of spirituality, karma, and regard for all forms of life.

Benefits of doing Narayan Nagbali Pooja

Purported benefits of Narayan Nagbali Puja include requesting blessings from deceased ancestors, breaking ancestral curses, purification, problem-solving, promoting peace and harmony, protection from snake-related concerns, and stimulating spiritual growth. It is thought to balance karmic debts and fulfil aspirations that are connected with righteousness. These advantages, however, are profoundly anchored in Hindu spirituality and may differ between individuals and civilizations. Those who do Narayan Nagbali Puja usually do so with a strong conviction in its effectiveness as a means of finding spiritual and emotional consolation.

The following are the Benefits of Narayan Nagbali Puja in Trimbakeshwar:

  1. Blessings from Ancestors
  2. Complex Problem Solving
  3. Spiritual Development
  4. Security
  5. Ancestral Curses Problems Relief
  6. Karmic Balance
  7. Purification
  8. Desire fulfilment
  9. Harmony and Peace

If you want to book your Narayan Nagbali puja in Trimbakeshwar. You can reach out to the Trimbakeshwar Pandit. Trimbakeshwar Pandit Ji does Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja, Mahamrityunjay Jaap, Trimbakeshwar Rudrabhishekh, Narayan Nagbali, Pitru dosh puja, Navagrah Shanti, Arak Vivah, Kumbh Vivah, Tripindi, etc. in Trimbakeshwar. He is the best pandit for kaal sarp dosh puja in Trimbakeshwar.

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